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Selling Your Home: How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

How to prepare for your home inspection: Being prepared for your home inspection will make the process much smoother for you, the buyer and the inspector. When an inspector cannot access essential components of the home, it often makes the process take longer and can add to the cost. Lack of … [Read more...]

Information You Need to Know about Electrical Panels

Important information for buyers and sellers in the Corvallis, Albany and Philomath markets. One of the most important aspects of a home is safety.  Sometimes being safe is tied to being informed.  One of the areas where I can help as a professional is in identifying a potential problem and … [Read more...]

Homeowners Who Keep Up With Home Maintenance Have An Easier Time Selling

In today's market, sellers who have kept up with all of their home's maintenance needs are finding themselves in a much better position than a homeowner who has neglected theirs. The reason for this is the market change from a "seller's market" of just a couple years ago to the current "buyer's … [Read more...]

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