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SOLD! 206 NW 8th Street Corvallis Oregon

Congratulations to my clients on the sale of their exquisite historic home near downtown Corvallis Oregon at 206 NW 8th Street. I had a wonderful time working with these sellers and am so happy that their real estate dreams became a reality! … [Read more...]

SOLD! Historic Queen Anne Victorian | 206 NW 8th Street, Corvallis, Oregon, 97330

SOLD! 206 NW 8th Street, Corvallis, Oregon, is for sale. Sublime in character and quality. Defined by detail. Restored, renovated and remodeled, this Queen Anne style home embraces vintage details and discreet modernizations. Surrounded by masonry walls, fences, trellises and extensive gardens, on … [Read more...]

Dava’s Amazing Corvallis House Story: Chapter II–Well, It’s a Deep Subject…

Chapter II -- Well, It's a Deep Subject... Venturi to Submersible: Better Efficiency The "old" well system at our "new" house in Corvallis, was based on something we were told is called a Venturi System (it may also be called a "Double Drop Jet-Pump System). It involves physics and back pressure. … [Read more...]

Dava’s Corvallis House Adventure: Three Incidents during the Move (that I’d rather not have happened)

Three little things during the move--that I’d rather not have happened and how I might have prevented them. My husband hit head on the light fixture that used to be over the table.  Table had been moved, but stuff was still being packed in that area.  This was not the first time for this bit of … [Read more...]

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