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Rent Control in Oregon | SB 608

Important information for owners and tenants in Oregon. This is the latest about SB 608.   Senate Bill 608 has now passed both the Senate and House Chambers. We are told that the Governor intends to sign the bill. Given the emergency clause in the bill, it will become law as soon as … [Read more...]

Corvallis Livability Code (Ordinance 2015-20)

Information you need to know if you are a Corvallis, Oregon property owner, tenant, buyer or seller.   The City of Corvallis has enacted a new municipal code aimed at protecting public health, safety and welfare in regards to real property. Ordinance 2015-20. The code is effective May … [Read more...]

Recent Changes In Laws That Affect Oregon Real Estate

Recent Changes In Laws That Affect Oregon Real Estate There have been a number of recent changes to Oregon laws that affect real estate transactions and real estate in general. The following are a few highlights of those changes. What’s important to know is that when it comes to your transaction, I … [Read more...]

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