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Selling Your Home: Staging During the Holidays

Here's some really great advice for decorating your "for sale" home during the holiday season. You'll want to keep it simple, keep it tidy, keep it light and remember that the look of your home from the street is the first impression a buyer gets. Select the link for the full article: Are you … [Read more...]

What Is Staging And Why Bother?

What Is Staging and Why Bother? In real estate, Strategic Marketing is the integration of pricing and staging principles. It involves several aspects of preparing one’s home to appeal to the psychological needs of buyers. Staging is one aspect of Strategic Marketing. It is completely different from … [Read more...]

Trying to Sell Your Home? Helpful Things to Prioritize

Sellers in the Corvallis, Albany and Philomath, Oregon real estate market will benefit from a few easy steps to take before you put your home on the market.  Today's market is very competitive, and you want your home to stand apart from the pack.  Prioritize and analyze what will fit in your budget … [Read more...]

Focus On These Tried And True Tricks-Of-The-Trade To Sell Your House Quickly

Sometimes sellers lose sight of what is most important to a buyer. Making that good first impression is so important since you usually only get one chance during that first showing. Remember to focus on the following and you should have an offer in no time: Spruce up that entryway, or change it to … [Read more...]

Here Are Some Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value

At times it can be expensive to simply maintain the biggest asset most people will ever own: their homes. Keeping this fact in mind, here is a list of ways to increase your home's value without breaking the bank. Hiring an inspector could be the most cost-effective thing you ever do. This is true … [Read more...]

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