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Buying or Selling Investment Real Estate–Consider a 1031 Exchange

If You are Buying or Selling Investment Real Estate (nearly anywhere in the U.S.) You Need to Know about Exchanges Whether you are selling investment property in the Corvallis or Albany, Oregon area or are selling elsewhere and considering a purchase here, you do not want to overlook the possible … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home: Staging During the Holidays

Here's some really great advice for decorating your "for sale" home during the holiday season. You'll want to keep it simple, keep it tidy, keep it light and remember that the look of your home from the street is the first impression a buyer gets. Select the link for the full article: Are you … [Read more...]

Wood Stove Certification Labels

Quick Check: If your wood stove has one of these labels, it's certified. If not, there are rules/laws you need to follow if you're selling your Oregon home. If you have any questions, please contact me today! … [Read more...]

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