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Remodeling: Cost vs Value in the Portland Area

After posting about why you take a look at the Cost vs Value Report before doing any home projects, I read a really well written perspective on the topic of remodeling, cost vs value, in the Portland Metro area.  I think that providing statistics is interesting, but framing them with a point of … [Read more...]

Question: Is it worth it to [insert project description here] to my home?

Answer:  Review the Cost vs Value Report The new 2015 Cost vs Value Report is out. This is an excellent study and a wonderful resource. Use it as a guide to find out what a kind of return you might anticipate at sale of certain home improvements or gauge the approximate of cost projects you are … [Read more...]

From Houzz: A Bathroom Workbook | Great Advice!

In my personal household, we recently completed a couple of bath remodels and finished out two new baths in an addition. I would have really liked to have had this information before we did our planning and I wish I had an unlimited budget so I could do anything and everything I want, too bad, I … [Read more...]

Is This Home Improvement Worth the Cost?

Is This Home Improvement Worth the Cost? One of the most frequently asked questions  is "What is the value of...?" and "Am I going to get it back when I sell...?" in reference to home improvement projects. Every year Remodeling magazine conducts a study that attempts to answer just those questions … [Read more...]

SOLD! HOME FOR SALE–2081 Dawnwood Drive, Philomath, Oregon

SOLD! Home For Sale--2081 Dawnwood Drive, Philomath, Oregon Beautifully remodeled and updated with materials and finishes of the highest quality. This single level home on 3.64 acres is located in a quiet and peaceful country setting. It is conveniently located close to Philomath, Corvallis, and … [Read more...]

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