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Buying or Selling Investment Real Estate–Consider a 1031 Exchange

To 1031 or not 1031

If You are Buying or Selling Investment Real Estate (nearly anywhere in the U.S.) You Need to Know about Exchanges Whether you are selling investment property in the Corvallis or Albany, Oregon area or are selling elsewhere and considering a purchase here, you do not want to overlook the possible … [Read more...]

How’s the Real Estate Market | Communities of Albany, North Albany, Corvallis and Lebanon, Oregon for April, 2015

Albany April 2015

Real Estate Market Conditions for Albany (and North Albany), Corvallis and Lebanon  as of month end April 2015. Simply put an absorption analysis tells us about current market conditions, based on rate of sales and volume of available properties In a market where inventory (amount of supply … [Read more...]

Don’t Get Scammed | Records Information “Services”

Scam Photo

Don't get scammed by anyone that wants money for property information. Recently, one of my clients, a new Corvallis, Oregon homeowner, called me for advice about a form received in the mail. It was very official looking, referenced details about their specific property and transaction and … [Read more...]

What is the Corvallis Rental Market Like?

For Rent House

Corvallis enjoys amazingly low vacancy rates. There is a strong need for housing in our community as evidenced by low vacancy rates. We see new buildings going up in town, but for the most part these are replacing, but not adding to the number of units available to rent. OSU is expanding and that … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home: What Is Broker Tour?

Check out all my signs!

Broker Tour- Knowing The Real Estate Market Q. What is Broker Tour? A. Broker Tour is a time when sellers make it easy for Brokers to see properties that are on the market. The “tour” is a process by which brokers can look at properties without making prior arrangements. In the Corvallis, Albany … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home: How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

House with Magnifying Glass

How to prepare for your home inspection: Being prepared for your home inspection will make the process much smoother for you, the buyer and the inspector. When an inspector cannot access essential components of the home, it often makes the process take longer and can add to the cost. Lack of … [Read more...]

Corvallis Rental Properties: Vacancy Rates

Recently Bob Lowen posted some great information for Corvallis Oregon landlords and their right to access rented properties. Good perspective and knowledge of the rental rights, rules and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. Further, he said that the vacancy rate in Corvallis is ZERO. That's … [Read more...]

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