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Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report | Real Estate–Location, Location, Location…

Thinking of moving to a new town? Want to know how your current home's value will translate in the "new" place? Here's a tool that will help with that process.  Test out the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report and find out! … [Read more...]

PODS Discount To Coldwell Banker Customers

PODS Discount-- Just wanted to let you all know that for any Coldwell Banker customers who book a long-distance move with PODS before January 31, 2012 will receive 15% off. That's triple the regular discount! Contact Dava for details about the offer. … [Read more...]

Dava’s Corvallis House Adventure: Three Incidents during the Move (that I’d rather not have happened)

Three little things during the move--that I’d rather not have happened and how I might have prevented them. My husband hit head on the light fixture that used to be over the table.  Table had been moved, but stuff was still being packed in that area.  This was not the first time for this bit of … [Read more...]

How Recovery Will Come to America and Oregon

On Wednesday, October 14th, I attended a presentation titled: "How Recovery Will Come to America and Oregon"by Dr. Bill Conerly.  The focus of his talk was on the cause of the recession and the economic forecast for the next 18 months or so.  His presentation was well organized, down to earth and … [Read more...]

Are You Moving? Here Are Helpful Tips To Find The Neighborhood Of Your Dreams

Choosing the right community is so important, as how you can you really love where you live unless you love the neighborhood? In the frenzy of finding a home and scheduling moving day, many people forget that researching the neighborhood is one of the most important ways to insure happiness at your … [Read more...]

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