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Mortgage Insurance Premiums and Tax Deductiblity Through 2013

This falls into the "Good to Know" category of life: Mortgage Insurance Premiums are Tax Deductible Through 2013 If you bought a home or vacation home and didn't put 20% of the purchase price down as down payment, the odds are good that you are paying mortgage insurance (MI). It may have been … [Read more...]

Buying A Home: How To Choose A Mortgage Loan

No, I DON'T want fries with that! You don’t want your loan office for your mortgage to be an “order taker”.  You want someone who can do more than fill out the forms. You want someone that knows what can be done to fit your special circumstances. You want someone that knows the loan programs … [Read more...]

Freddie Mac 30 Year Rate Histories

These charts of 30 year mortgage loan rate histories (Freddie Mac rates) were provided by a local lender and are used with permission. It is very interesting to see how low rates really are right now, especially in relation to the past. The lower price of homes coupled with the low interest rates … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Numbers | A bit of a surprise

Foreclosure numbers--A Comparison We often hear the numbers and think how bad it is. What if you look at the opposite side?  How bad is it? There are approximately 61,800,000 homeowners in the US One third, that’s 33%, of US homeowners own their homes free and clear—that’s right, no … [Read more...]

The Inventory Of Foreclosed Properties Has Begun To Shrink…

This is a great explanation and graphic concerning the states that are most impacted by seriously delinquent mortgages.1 Tie this to the concept that the "normal level" of distressed housing inventory is under 5% (REALTOR® Magazine January/February 2012 "Clean Slate") one can see that there are … [Read more...]

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