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Cash Real Estate Sales — How Common in the Local Market?

All Cash Real Estate Sales -- Locally and Nationally   It's interesting to note how much of the market is "all cash".  Here's a graphic that illustrates "all cash" transactions by state and also shows the percentage at various time frames.   It's great to know what's going on with … [Read more...]

A Significant Art Event in Corvallis, Oregon | The Last Supper

The Last Supper | An important Art Event at the Corvallis Arts Center in Corvallis, Oregon Often times people think of Art as simply something pretty, yet throughout history art has provided a method of seeing ourselves, creating a reflection of culture, history, humanity and the condition of … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Facts | The Local Story

The following are some "local" fact for the Corvallis and Albany, Oregon area and surrounding markets. It's very interesting to see a comparison between 2009 and 2010 figures for the number of foreclosures. Some communities have obviously been more impacted by job loss and down-turn than … [Read more...]

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