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Buying Your Home: 4 Things that Can Undo Your Real Estate Loan Approval

Everyone knows that when you first apply for a home loan, your credit needs to be in good shape, but did you know that what you do during the processing of your loan can have an impact too? Lenders look at: Credit balances and minimum payments Credit depth (the number of accounts, with or … [Read more...]

Homeowner Relief | 25 Billion in Fraud Settlement

Homeowner Relief and the $25-billion Foreclosure Deal Is this another case of "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" or will it really help? Is this another pit of money that tax payers and the American public will fund? Only time will tell... Some points I've gleaned from the … [Read more...]

Lending News!

Lending News! On June 1st, Fannie Mae instituted a new lending rule that is affecting all Conventional loans that could make the lending process take a little longer. Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative: For ALL new Conventional loan applications taken ON or AFTER June 1st 2010, the following will … [Read more...]

If You Are Buying Now, Know These Ins-And-Outs To Get The Most For Your Money

If you are in the enviable position right now of looking to buy a home, enjoy the current market: the buyer's market! Many folks that have to sell their homes right now are happy to start a dialogue with a potential buyer, so arm yourself with any and all information to get the best deal … [Read more...]

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