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Don’t Get Scammed | Records Information “Services”

Don't get scammed by anyone that wants money for property information. Recently, one of my clients, a new Corvallis, Oregon homeowner, called me for advice about a form received in the mail. It was very official looking, referenced details about their specific property and transaction and … [Read more...]

Fast Facts!

Did You Know? Homeowners may deduct mortgage interest and property taxes as an expense against income.  You may be able to deduct mortgage interest on a second home, second mortgages, home equity loans, and HELOCS. You can cancel PMI when your home equity hits 20%, even though your lender isn’t … [Read more...]

Flood Insurance Set To Lapse (Again?)

Flood Insurance Program is about to lapse again... Does this make any sense at all? Congress periodically needs to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program and has not yet done so. If the program lapses, it will be the second time this year.  Lenders that are making "Federally Related … [Read more...]

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