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Foreclosure Numbers | A bit of a surprise

Foreclosure numbers--A Comparison We often hear the numbers and think how bad it is. What if you look at the opposite side?  How bad is it? There are approximately 61,800,000 homeowners in the US One third, that’s 33%, of US homeowners own their homes free and clear—that’s right, no … [Read more...]

Selling Your Home: How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

How to prepare for your home inspection: Being prepared for your home inspection will make the process much smoother for you, the buyer and the inspector. When an inspector cannot access essential components of the home, it often makes the process take longer and can add to the cost. Lack of … [Read more...]

Flood Insurance Set To Lapse (Again?)

Flood Insurance Program is about to lapse again... Does this make any sense at all? Congress periodically needs to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program and has not yet done so. If the program lapses, it will be the second time this year.  Lenders that are making "Federally Related … [Read more...]

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