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The Oregon Association of Realtors Reports the Following as of Today (07-01-2010): Congress Extends Closing Deadline for Homebuyer Tax Credit  After a close encounter with the deadline, the United States Senate passed an extension of the Homebuyer Tax Credit closing deadline last night. The … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Out | Existing Homeowners may qualify too!

Don't Miss Out! Some existing homeowners who purchase a replacement personal residence may qualify for a tax credit as well.  Here's a link to a guide that can help you determine if you qualify or not. Timing is crucial and of course, check with your tax advisor for complete details. This … [Read more...]

How Would You Spend Your Tax Credit?

How Would You Spend Your Tax Credit? COLDWELL BANKER REAL ESTATE STUDY FINDS CONSUMERS’ ANTICIPATED ‘SMART SPENDING’ OF HOMEBUYER TAX CREDIT WILL AID ECONOMIC RECOVERY 83 Percent of Current Homeowners Surveyed Say They Would Spend Tax Credit on Repaying Existing Debts, Home Improvements, … [Read more...]

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