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Investment Real Estate | Improvement 1031 Exchange Advice

Guest post courtesy of Toija Beutler             I read this and felt it was important enough to share. So with permission, 1031 Exchanges with improvements. Good advice for savvy real estate investors. In complex real estate transactions it's … [Read more...]

Investment Property Exchange Pit-Falls

Don't make these mistakes:  Common errors that create problems with 1031 exchanges. Most real estate investors know that one of the very best tools for delaying capital gains taxes is to utilize a tax provision called a 1031 exchange. The 1031 comes from the section of IRS Tax code that is … [Read more...]

The High Cost of Not Getting Professional Help

Buying or Selling Investment Properties (Real Estate) When Involved in a 1031 Exchange It's what you don't know and don't do that can really cost you. This is a really good article about getting the correct level of assistance when involved with a complex real estate transaction. I think the … [Read more...]

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