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Question: Is it worth it to [insert project description here] to my home?

Answer:  Review the Cost vs Value Report The new 2015 Cost vs Value Report is out. This is an excellent study and a wonderful resource. Use it as a guide to find out what a kind of return you might anticipate at sale of certain home improvements or gauge the approximate of cost projects you are … [Read more...]

5 Ideas That Will Make Your Front Porch Shine

Up your curb appeal game with these simple front porch ideas. With fall in full swing, your front porch needs to transition to attract buyers. Luckily it’s easy to make a few changes so it blends in for the season. Here are five front porch design ideas to make your home stand out: #1 Clean out … [Read more...]

SOLD! HOME FOR SALE-4905 SW Dakota Avenue, Corvallis, Oregon

Home For Sale: 4905 SW Dakota Avenue, Corvallis, Oregon This home offers that country living feel with in-town convenience. Peaceful and private, landscaped yard and covered patio area create a retreat for garden, play and relaxation. This beautiful home has hardwood, bamboo and cork flooring; a … [Read more...]

What Is Staging And Why Bother?

What Is Staging and Why Bother? In real estate, Strategic Marketing is the integration of pricing and staging principles. It involves several aspects of preparing one’s home to appeal to the psychological needs of buyers. Staging is one aspect of Strategic Marketing. It is completely different from … [Read more...]

Trying to Sell Your Home? Helpful Things to Prioritize

Sellers in the Corvallis, Albany and Philomath, Oregon real estate market will benefit from a few easy steps to take before you put your home on the market.  Today's market is very competitive, and you want your home to stand apart from the pack.  Prioritize and analyze what will fit in your budget … [Read more...]

Be Ready To Put Your Home On The Market With These Staging Tips

The first impression really does count with potential home buyers. If your home is lacking basic curb appeal or is not sparkling inside, you could lose a potential buyer's interest immediately - and never get it back! Here are some tips to avoid losing a potential buyer: Flowers, flowers, flowers. … [Read more...]

Here Is A List Of Easy-To-Grow Perennials That Should Be A Staple Of Your Garden: Part II

    Iris: Bearded or not, this flower never disappoints if you plant it properly. Make sure the bulb is set slightly above the soil surface. Delphinium: In full sun these bloom tall spikes in either blue, purple, red, pink yellow and white. Peony: Needs full sun and time. Peonies … [Read more...]

Here Is A List Of Easy-To-Grow Perennials That Should Be A Staple Of Your Garden: Part I

Experienced gardeners know the value of an easy to care for perennial as it gives the garden color and interest every year with very little care, provided that their location is carefully chosen and roots are properly established with good watering. These particular perennials are hardy and highly … [Read more...]

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