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Mortgage Insurance Premiums and Tax Deductiblity Through 2013

This falls into the "Good to Know" category of life: Mortgage Insurance Premiums are Tax Deductible Through 2013 If you bought a home or vacation home and didn't put 20% of the purchase price down as down payment, the odds are good that you are paying mortgage insurance (MI). It may have been … [Read more...]

My Corvallis Oregon Move–7 Things that Worked for Me

My Own Recent Corvallis, Oregon Move I recently sold my home of 11 years in Corvallis, Oregon and moved to a rural subdivision just outside Corvallis (technically in Benton County, but still with a Corvallis zip code).  The "new" home on a very big lot (nearly 3/4ths of an acre), similar in vintage … [Read more...]

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