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How’s the Market? | Albany Oregon Real Estate Statistics | December 2014

Once again, Albany, Oregon's market is reflecting a market in recovery. Inventory is down 17%, prices are up 5.5%, volume of homes sold is up over 7% and available inventory is down 18%. Albany's market is showing all of the signs of a good recovery.  This is sustained by affordable home prices and … [Read more...]

How’s the Market? | Corvallis Real Estate Statistics |November 2014

Although it feels like a recovery of the real estate market in Corvallis, Oregon and the market is strong; overall, fewer transactions are taking place. 4.5% fewer homes sold in the 12 month period ending November 2014 as compared to the same time frame in 2013.  Average sale price is up only 2%.  … [Read more...]

Year End Wrap-up Statistics!

2010 Year End Wrap-up Statistics Filled with real estate related statistics for the Mid–Willamette Valley with information provided by WVMLS. Click on the graph to enlarge the image. The graph really tells the story. The winter/spring market of 2009 was difficult for sellers with high volumes … [Read more...]

Statistics, the Media and Real Estate | The problems with housing market data: What does it all really mean?

The problems with housing market data: What does it all really mean? I recently came across this blog post about housing market data, headlines and statistics. Honestly, I couldn't agree more to what has been presented in terms of the daily news and how data is manipulated. Average, median and other … [Read more...]

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