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Selling Your Home: While Your Home Is On the Market

You’ve listed your home and you’re ready to go on the market. A few things to think about…

iStock Woman with Chalk HouseYou might want to discuss with your broker what steps you can take to help make the process a bit more safe and secure. Of course you’ve discussed pre-qualified buyers and how the lock-box works and set up a showing process… but there are a few steps more that you can take to make yourself just a bit more secure…

  1. If a stranger (any stranger–you can’t tell by how people look) knocks on the door or happens to be pulling a flier while you are in the yard and is just in the area and wondered if they could take a quick peek.  Tell them “no”; they need to come back with a Broker. If they are serious they will. If they are not serious you’ve lost nothing. If they are not “nice” people, you have protected yourself.
  2. Remove or secure all  jewelry, cash, collectibles or other valuables. It’s not a huge problem but why take chances?
  3. Remove or secure prescription medications. There are people out there that just can’t help themselves. Best to remove the temptation.
  4. Hide or lock up documents containing personal information (these are items that are targeted for identity theft). It’s too bad that we even have to think about this… but, this is a hassle that you don’t need.

Overall, in our local area, we see very little issue with these types of problems. But, you don’t want to be the first and why take unnecessary chances when it’s much simpler to avoid the problem in the first place?

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