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Negotiating Your Real Estate Transaction–How Important is Privacy?

Confidential StampDetails of your real estate negotiation posted in public? Not if you work with me!


Coldwell Banker’s President and CEO has taken a strong stance against Redfin’s idea to share negotiation processes for real estate transactions handled by their firm.   Please read the Coldwell Banker Position on this issue.

My personal opinion is that in every negotiation there is a perspective that comes to the table which is unique to each party. There no way that the full picture can be described by one party to a transaction.  Further, abbreviated descriptions of part of the overall process can be misleading. Even if both parties have all the same information, the individual interpretation my be different.  It’s like the lyric in that old song “You like potato and I like potahto”.  It is inevitable that hindsight will reveal a very different version of the process in the relating of the events after the fact (as opposed to when the events are actually unfolding.)

I won’t be publicly posting your negotiation.  As Budge Huskey says, “no one in our industry should ever compromise the sanctity of your privacy, detailed negotiations, financial information, etc., under the pretense of providing a public service.”

Additional information: Inman Story on “Offer Insights”

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