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Is This Home Improvement Worth the Cost?

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Is This Home Improvement Worth the Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions  is “What is the value of…?” and “Am I going to get it back when I sell…?” in reference to home improvement projects.

Every year Remodeling magazine conducts a study that attempts to answer just those questions and produces the “Cost vs Value” report.  The data is collected in conjunction with the National Association of REALTORS® on-line survey and other sources (a complete list is in the article).

Top return for the dollar improvements include: entry door replacement (steel), deck addition and attic bedroom.

Over 100 cities were included in the report, nearest to our market (Corvallis, OR and Albany, OR) is Portland.  They publish a great graphic to illustrate what brings in the best for that local. Review the “local” data; Regional City Data – Portland, OR  To read the entire report : 2013-14 Cost vs. Value: Remodeling Pays Off Big Time



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