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How to Prepare Your Home for Freezing Weather

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How To Prepare A Home For Freezing Weather

The following is a list of a few useful maintenance tips to complete before the weather starts to change.Disconnect all hoses from the water bibs around the house and/or in the yard. Leaving hoses attached during freezing weather is the leading cause of a pipe burst.

  • Winterize any exterior plumbing connections by wrapping piping with insulation or specialized covers. Shut off the interior water valves, if present, to hose bibs and bleed out the water to help prevent water lines in the walls and/or ceilings from freezing and bursting.
  • Make sure all exposed water lines in the upper attic areas and/or in the lower sub-structure are properly wrapped with good insulation.
  • Let water trickle from the hot and cold sides of one faucet in the house to help prevent pressure from building up in the water lines.
  • Keep the house temperature a minimum of 55 deg F. and leave cabinet doors open at sinks and accessible areas of plumbing to help keep these areas warm.

These helpful tips were provided by Matt & Wendy, Jackie, Jason, and Josh of AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service

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