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Coldwell Banker’s Home Listing Report (HLR)

What’s the most expensive or least expensive markets in the country or your state? Curious about how your home compares to others around the country? Planning a move and want an idea of home price comparisons from place to place. Here’s a tool that will help. It’s the Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report.

In Oregon, 16 markets were surveyed with the following results:

Top 5 most expensive markets in Oregon:Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report Infographic

  1. Lake Oswego
  2. Corvallis
  3. Portland
  4. Bend
  5. Oregon City

Most Affordable:

  1. Pendleton
  2. Coos Bay
  3. Woodburn
  4. Klamath Falls
  5. Medford

Of note locally, Albany Oregon came in as 6th most affordable in Oregon.

View the Full National Report which will allow you to sort by market, by state, by price, by rank and allow you to see listings and neighborhood information; you can read the Press Release for more details about the report and methodology; You can see the Rankings within Your State or you can view an info-graphic for a little information about some famous people that live in various markets.


To See the full report: Home Listing Report

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