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Albany Historic Districts

Albany Historic Districts

Airport Historic District

Established in 1909 as Goltra Field, is was the first airport in the Northwest and only the second airport in the United States. Goltra Field became a municipal airport in 1931 and was renamed Albany Municipal Airport. During 1929-1947, Albany Municipal Airport was the busiest community airport in Oregon, second only to PDX in Portland. Albany Municipal Airport is the the only airport in Oregon to be on the National Register of Historic Places and received that designation in 1998.

Downtown Historic District

There are over 40 notable places of business in historic downtown Albany, which were built between the mid 1860’s and the mid 1920’s.

Hackleman Historic District

The Hackleman Historic District encompasses approximately 28 city block in Albany. The Hackleman District was claimed in 1847 by Abram Hackleman and received it’s place on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. The district includes over 50 homes, of a dozen different architectural styles, all built between 1865 and the early 1900’s. The Hackleman District is also has the very first plaster house of Albany, built by William Goltra in 1858.

Monteith Historic District

The Monteith Historic District was claimed in 1848 by the Monteith brothers. They built their first house in 1849. In 1980 the Montieth Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places, but only included buildings built between 1849 through 1915. The National Register was amended in 2000 to include buildings built between 1915 through 1945. The boundary of the Monteith Historic District was amended in 2008 to include 78 additional properties that share a historic similarity. There are 400 homes and buildings within the Monteith Historic District, 88 of those are on the walking tour.


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