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Corvallis Historic Districts

Corvallis Historic Districts

College Hill West Historic District

Placed on the national Register of Historic Places in 2002. This district has over 250 historic houses clustered in a relatively small area and is more a collection of middle-class homes than of grand estate type buildings. The integrity of the neighborhood reflects the efforts of several generations of residents. A walking tour and printed narrative of the area which includes discussion of personalities is available at several locations in town.

Franklin Square

Notable homes located near Franklin Square Park of various significance. Additionally, this tour includes sidewalk markers from the time when concrete sidewalks first appeared in Corvallis (1909) through the mid-1930s.

Avery-Helm Historic District

Located in southwest Corvallis, the Avery-Helm’s Historic is part of the Joseph C. Avery land claim filed in 1845. The district includes nine full blocks and ten partial blocks and is defined, in part, by transportation routes and in part by the downtown business district which is to the east and north. Oregon State University is a few blocks west of the district.

Atomic Ranch

Uniquely American, the ranch style home was (and still is) popular in the western United States from postwar through the 1970s and is a style seen in many Corvallis neighborhoods. The typically long, low to the ground profile and minimal use of decoration (inside and out), they combine modernist ideas and styles with the concept of the American Western period of working ranches creating an easy living informal and casual lifestyle. They hold strong appeal for those seeking single level, close-in to town living and have enjoyed a resurgence of interest both in architectural/lifestyle design and style.

Downtown Corvallis

Notable places of business located in downtown Corvallis, right on the Willamette River, which were built between 1850 and 1927.

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