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Every Day Real Estate | It’s Just Like on TV (NOT!)

The questionable antics of everyday real estate:Madison-Hildebrand-and-Michael-Corbett

Although I’m a real estate professional, please note: I am not delusional enough to think my life is, or ever will be glamorous, a la Selling NY or Selling LA or Million Dollar Listing. In preparing for today’s open house, I stepped in something of indeterminate nature, which was in the middle of the cul-de-sac. I suspect the leavings of the local deer population–which is for some reason in my mind better than the other option: huge dog.  I knew immediately that something was amiss by the slippery nature of the event.

A slight delay to open house prep as a result of the need to clean my shoe (glad I noticed before I went inside). I’m guessing that Madison Hildebrand (whom I have met–seems nice, been photoed with, but do not know), The Kleirs or any of the other agents featured on TV would NOT need to clean off their shoes prior to commencing their open house (although, if they stepped in deer poop, I would hope they would…) In my case, you could call it “all in a day’s work“.

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