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Wood Stove Certification Labels

Quick Check: If your wood stove has one of these labels, it's certified. If not, there are rules/laws you need to follow if you're selling your Oregon home. If you have any questions, please contact me today! … [Read more...]

New Rules For Owners Of Woodstoves

New Rules for Owners of Woodstoves In 2009 the Oregon Legislature passed a law requiring the removal of any uncertified woodstoves from a home when it is sold. The purpose of the program is to help protect the air quality for Oregonians. Uncertified woodstoves burn about 70% dirtier than certified … [Read more...]

What Is Staging And Why Bother?

What Is Staging and Why Bother? In real estate, Strategic Marketing is the integration of pricing and staging principles. It involves several aspects of preparing one’s home to appeal to the psychological needs of buyers. Staging is one aspect of Strategic Marketing. It is completely different from … [Read more...]

Why A Home Protection Plan

Why A Home Protection Plan (Warranty) Your home is one of your biggest investments. Unexpected repair or replacement costs can put a strain on your budget, especially with the other expenses associated with moving. The home protection plan offered by Coldwell Banker (via American Home Shield) … [Read more...]


J.D. POWER AND ASSOCIATES RANKS COLDWELL BANKER HIGHEST IN HOME SELLER SATISFACTION Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC ranked “Highest among Overall Satisfaction for Home Sellers among National Full Service Real Estate Firms” according to the recently released J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Home … [Read more...]

Ten Good Reasons to Keep Your Home on the Market during Fall and Winter

People often say that our real estate market (Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon and the rest of the Mid-Willamette Valley) is "bad" in fall and winter and "good" in spring and summer. The reality is, the market is the market and although there is some seasonality to it, there are benefits to being in the … [Read more...]

Trying to Sell Your Home? Helpful Things to Prioritize

Sellers in the Corvallis, Albany and Philomath, Oregon real estate market will benefit from a few easy steps to take before you put your home on the market.  Today's market is very competitive, and you want your home to stand apart from the pack.  Prioritize and analyze what will fit in your budget … [Read more...]

Homeowners Who Keep Up With Home Maintenance Have An Easier Time Selling

In today's market, sellers who have kept up with all of their home's maintenance needs are finding themselves in a much better position than a homeowner who has neglected theirs. The reason for this is the market change from a "seller's market" of just a couple years ago to the current "buyer's … [Read more...]

Focus On These Tried And True Tricks-Of-The-Trade To Sell Your House Quickly

Sometimes sellers lose sight of what is most important to a buyer. Making that good first impression is so important since you usually only get one chance during that first showing. Remember to focus on the following and you should have an offer in no time: Spruce up that entryway, or change it to … [Read more...]

Be Ready To Put Your Home On The Market With These Staging Tips

The first impression really does count with potential home buyers. If your home is lacking basic curb appeal or is not sparkling inside, you could lose a potential buyer's interest immediately - and never get it back! Here are some tips to avoid losing a potential buyer: Flowers, flowers, flowers. … [Read more...]

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