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Innovation that makes mornings easier…

5 "Smart Home" Ways to make Mornings easier (Presented by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC and Lowe's) … [Read more...]

5 Ideas That Will Make Your Front Porch Shine

Up your curb appeal game with these simple front porch ideas. With fall in full swing, your front porch needs to transition to attract buyers. Luckily it’s easy to make a few changes so it blends in for the season. Here are five front porch design ideas to make your home stand out: #1 Clean out … [Read more...]

From Houzz: A Bathroom Workbook | Great Advice!

In my personal household, we recently completed a couple of bath remodels and finished out two new baths in an addition. I would have really liked to have had this information before we did our planning and I wish I had an unlimited budget so I could do anything and everything I want, too bad, I … [Read more...]

Is This Home Improvement Worth the Cost?

Is This Home Improvement Worth the Cost? One of the most frequently asked questions  is "What is the value of...?" and "Am I going to get it back when I sell...?" in reference to home improvement projects. Every year Remodeling magazine conducts a study that attempts to answer just those questions … [Read more...]

Home Renovations Worth It? Great Infographic

This is one great resource for getting a thumbnail idea of the impact of renovations on resale value.   Deciding what renovations to do when selling is not always a matter of return on dollars spent, there are times when basic renovations are needed to enhance market position, preserve the … [Read more...]

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