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City of Corvallis Revised Land Development Code

Welcome to Corvallis

The City of Corvallis, Oregon has revised its land development code.  Revisions to the code are effective Thursday, December 13, 2012, and was adopted by the City Council on December 3, 2012. The Land Development Code contains land use requirements and standards for development within the City of … [Read more...]

July 2012 Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers Buyer’s Guide

Hot off the presses! Coldwell Banker Valley Brokers e-edition of the Buyer's Guide.  Look at what's currently for Sale in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Philomath and other areas of the Mid-Willamette Valley. Open publication   For more information about these or other properties, … [Read more...]

Value of Homeownership

Coldwell Banker survey and commentary by Dr. Robi Ludwig on the value of homeownership. Interesting that the emotional value of homeownership doesn't change and some of the reasons why.  It really hit me that that we need to be "rooted" in order to feel like life has meaning and that we are safe. … [Read more...]

Predict Your Real Estate Market | Tool from CNN/Money

Here's a tool from CNN/Money to predict the change in various real estate markets. Corvallis, OR Metropolitan Statistical Area: Forecast change: second quarter, 2011 – second quarter, 2012 +3% Forecast change: second quarter, 2012 – second quarter, 2013 +9.9% This tool tracks 384 markets. … [Read more...]

Improving Housing Markets | May 2012

Corvallis, Oregon ranked 73rd in improving housing markets index. According to the National Association of Home Builders/First American Improving Markets Index (IMI), released 5/7/2012 Corvallis, Oregon is listed as one of the housing markets showing measurable and sustained improvement. The … [Read more...]

World’s Most Ethical (WME) Companies | Realogy Makes the List

Very proud to see that Realogy is included as one of the World's Most Ethical (WME) Companies. Realogy is the parent company for Coldwell Banker. Another good reason to be affiliated. Check out the original post: List of World's Most Ethical Companies … [Read more...]

New Coldwell Banker Ads for 2012 | Great Voice and Great to Watch

I was thrilled when we were introduced to the commercial(s) and then heard these words from Tom Selleck: “The Coldwell Banker brand has always meant something special to me,” said Tom Selleck. “My father worked for the company for 38 years. Over that period, my two brothers and my sister worked … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Numbers | A bit of a surprise

Foreclosure numbers--A Comparison We often hear the numbers and think how bad it is. What if you look at the opposite side?  How bad is it? There are approximately 61,800,000 homeowners in the US One third, that’s 33%, of US homeowners own their homes free and clear—that’s right, no … [Read more...]

The Inventory Of Foreclosed Properties Has Begun To Shrink…

This is a great explanation and graphic concerning the states that are most impacted by seriously delinquent mortgages.1 Tie this to the concept that the "normal level" of distressed housing inventory is under 5% (REALTOR® Magazine January/February 2012 "Clean Slate") one can see that there are … [Read more...]

Homeowner Relief | 25 Billion in Fraud Settlement

Homeowner Relief and the $25-billion Foreclosure Deal Is this another case of "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" or will it really help? Is this another pit of money that tax payers and the American public will fund? Only time will tell... Some points I've gleaned from the … [Read more...]

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