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Identity Theft: Part III Keep Your Computer Safe

Many people are afraid thieves will somehow get their information off of the computer. This is possible for them to do, but there are ways to protect yourself. Some people find that installing anti-virus, anti-spy ware, firewall protection and hardware firewalls is over-kill. In reality, when … [Read more...]

Identity Theft Part II: Ways To Make Sure It Never Happens To You

Statistics show that around 5% of reported identity theft case victims are children. The reason your child is a target is because the crime will very likely go undetected for years. Most do not realize it until they are in college and apply for their first credit card, and find then that they have … [Read more...]

Identity Theft Part I: Learn All Of The Ways That Thieves Can Steal Your Personal Information

Identity theft has become a very serious problem in the United States. Thieves are not only stealing your personal information for themselves, but many simply sell it on the black market to another thief. They are using this personal information not only to obtain cash and credit cards, but … [Read more...]

“Short Sales” Are Being Added To Housing Rescue Plan

Homeowners having financial difficulties and in fear of losing their homes to foreclosure could be helped by the newest addition to the government's housing-rescue plan. It entails a standard process and incentives for a short sale. It will simplify the process for borrowers to transfer ownership of … [Read more...]

Basic Information About ‘Going Solar’

The idea of 'going Solar' is incredibly intriguing to most people but until we become more comfortable with understanding the technology, many of us will continue to pay utility companies the ever-growing costs for our electricity. Here are some interesting things to know about 'going solar': You … [Read more...]

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