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Upcoming Events | Corvallis Culinary Week

Great Food at Good Prices: Corvallis Culinary Week Corvallis Culinary Week should once again, prove to be an excellent opportunity to get out, sample some local restaurants and enjoy some really great food. The 2012 event is held January 22nd to January 28th. The week is geared toward offering … [Read more...]

Every Day Real Estate | It’s Just Like on TV (NOT!)

The questionable antics of everyday real estate: Although I'm a real estate professional, please note: I am not delusional enough to think my life is, or ever will be glamorous, a la Selling NY or Selling LA or Million Dollar Listing. In preparing for today's open house, I stepped in something of … [Read more...]

Halloween Events in Corvallis, Oregon 2011

Corvallis events for Halloween in 2011 brought to you by Corvallis Tourism (click on the above link for the list) Included venues: Majestic Theater Whiteside OSU (Ballroom Dance Club Event--but there are many other events as well) and other OSU Halloween events Downtown Trick or Treat Plus … [Read more...]

Coldwell Banker | Web “Awesomeness”

Just a little brag-fest. Coldwell Banker awards for an awesome and innovative website. Coldwell Banker Wins Two Web Awards for Website Awesomeness. Want a taste of what makes Coldwell Banker's web site awesome?  Try BlueScape Search.  It's a wishing and dreaming rating system that helps you hone … [Read more...]

Integrity In Life… Really “Getting It”

Through educational experiences and blogs of others that I follow, I'm often exposed to inspiration pieces. This one came into my life as a result of THIS POST by Sean M. Carpenter, a Director of Training at a Coldwell Banker Company (Coldwell Banker NRT in Ohio).  This particular post really … [Read more...]

Not a Bank | Not a Well | Not Cold |Coldwell Banker and George Washington’s Teeth

Another humorous video by Coldwell Banker illustrating that Coldwell Banker is a Real Estate Company, not a bank! Just for fun. Evidence that even though real estate is a serious topic, it can also be fun! The Truth: Washington - watch more funny videos … [Read more...]

Not a Bank | Not a Well | Not Cold |Coldwell Banker, Thomas Edison and the Lightbulb

Did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb? Find out here in the latest episode of "The Truth" from Coldwell Banker and Funny or Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has posted several of these, they are really funny and I've just got to share: … [Read more...]

Not a Bank | Not a Well | Not Cold |Coldwell Banker and the Truth About Bulls

Coldwell Banker is running this series of amusing ads...  No Bull! The Truth about Bulls … [Read more...]

Compare Eugene and Corvallis Oregon…

Here's a fun comparison of the two cities of Eugene, Oregon and Corvallis, Oregon brought to us by VIA the AAA travel magazine. Since I live in Corvallis and work and play in the entire Willamette Valley , I enjoy reading this kind of thing. And, I can't help but comment that I listed and sold the … [Read more...]

Notes from Corvallis Oregon: Wondering

Notes from Corvallis Oregon: Wonder what that was all about?   Earlier in the week I was at my favorite Corvallis, Oregon coffee place and noticed something sort of interesting… the kind of think that makes one wonder...   When I got out of the car I saw a bike parked by the door, it was pretty … [Read more...]

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