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Buying A Home: How To Choose A Mortgage Loan

No, I DON'T want fries with that! You don’t want your loan office for your mortgage to be an “order taker”.  You want someone who can do more than fill out the forms. You want someone that knows what can be done to fit your special circumstances. You want someone that knows the loan programs … [Read more...]

Value of Homeownership

Coldwell Banker survey and commentary by Dr. Robi Ludwig on the value of homeownership. Interesting that the emotional value of homeownership doesn't change and some of the reasons why.  It really hit me that that we need to be "rooted" in order to feel like life has meaning and that we are safe. … [Read more...]

Predict Your Real Estate Market | Tool from CNN/Money

Here's a tool from CNN/Money to predict the change in various real estate markets. Corvallis, OR Metropolitan Statistical Area: Forecast change: second quarter, 2011 – second quarter, 2012 +3% Forecast change: second quarter, 2012 – second quarter, 2013 +9.9% This tool tracks 384 markets. … [Read more...]

Freddie Mac 30 Year Rate Histories

These charts of 30 year mortgage loan rate histories (Freddie Mac rates) were provided by a local lender and are used with permission. It is very interesting to see how low rates really are right now, especially in relation to the past. The lower price of homes coupled with the low interest rates … [Read more...]

Buying Your Home: 4 Things that Can Undo Your Real Estate Loan Approval

Everyone knows that when you first apply for a home loan, your credit needs to be in good shape, but did you know that what you do during the processing of your loan can have an impact too? Lenders look at: Credit balances and minimum payments Credit depth (the number of accounts, with or … [Read more...]

Buying Your Home: Is A New Home On Your Gift Registry?

Is A New Home On Your Gift Registry? If you’re planning to get married and buy a home, but wonder where your down payment funds will come from, FHA might have a solution for you. FHA has a Bridal Registry program that allows the money you receive as a wedding gift to be used towards your down … [Read more...]

PODS Discount To Coldwell Banker Customers

PODS Discount-- Just wanted to let you all know that for any Coldwell Banker customers who book a long-distance move with PODS before January 31, 2012 will receive 15% off. That's triple the regular discount! Contact Dava for details about the offer. … [Read more...]

A New Resource for First Time Homebuyers

A New Resource for First Time Homebuyers Coldwell Banker Corporation has just added a new resource for First Time Homebuyers to its web site  The First-Time Home Buyer Resource Center includes videos, articles and tools to answer questions and guide new home buyers through the … [Read more...]

Tough Times Ahead for Rental Market–Rent? Invest? Buy Now?

Rent? Invest? Buy Now? REALTOR(R) Magazine Online published an interesting piece recently about the state of rental housing in America, titled "Study: Tough Times Ahead for Rental Market". This item would indicate that renters are likely to find the rental market in the near future to be more … [Read more...]

Buyer Question: Is this property a foreclosure or short-sale?

  Every so often I am asked if a property I represent is a short-sale or a foreclosure.  I’m always curious about why they ask... Typically, it’s for one of two reasons 1) The interested party doesn’t want to invest the time and energy in a “distressed” property or 2) The interested party is … [Read more...]

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