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Annual Number of Residential Real Estate Sales | Corvallis, Oregon

History of home sales volume — Number of transaction in the Corvallis, Oregon

The Number of Sales in the Corvallis, Oregon residential real estate market is down approximately 36% from the peak number of transactions in 2005. But, it should be noted that 2011 showed an gain of 27 transactions.  It seems apparent that there is a slow but steady return to “normal” in terms of numbers of transactions.

(click on graph for larger view)Corvallis Oregon Residential Real Estate Sales

Corvallis Annual Number of Residential Real Estate Sales

Year Units Sold
2000 546
2001 635
2002 658
2003 674
2004 679
2005 779
2006 772
2007 651
2008 501
2009 464
2010 469
2011 496


It should be noted that the relative fewer number of sales has a larger influence on average sales price due to the limited statistical data pool available.

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Source of data Willamette Valley Multiple Listing Service (WVMLS)


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