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A Significant Art Event in Corvallis, Oregon | The Last Supper

The-Arts-Center-50-Years-LogoThe Last Supper | An important Art Event at the Corvallis Arts Center in Corvallis, Oregon

Often times people think of Art as simply something pretty, yet throughout history art has provided a method of seeing ourselves, creating a reflection of culture, history, humanity and the condition of mankind.  Bringing art to the community is a form of education and is demanded by a responsible society. Reflecting on our daily actions, large and small is a way of learning about ourselves and others.

This exhibit is one of those examples of reflection as demonstrated by the New York Times attention to this exhibit.

New York Times Write up of the Last Supper (Julie Green, Artist)ArtsCenterWindow

The Arts Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary on January 26, 2013. In order for the Arts Center to continue to bring quality exhibits, the ArtsShop which showcases the art and crafts of local and regional artists,  provide art education in the community (including in local schools in Linn and Benton Community and services for at-risk youth), and the ArtsCare program which places artists in the health care environment, benefiting patients and care givers and their environment your membership and support is greatly appreciated.

Please visit the ArtsCenter web site to learn more, become a member or make a donation.

Chocolate Fantasy, the Arts Center’s annual fund raising event is being held on March 1, 2013. It will be a festive and fun event! Please contact either the ArtsCenter or me for tickets.


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